Welcome! RCShub.com is an open sandbox environment for experiencing the Rich Communication Service (RCS) with your own phone.

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The Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a GSM Association initiative to create a global and interoperable standard for rich person-to-person communications beyond voice, SMS and MMS.

RCShub is a collaboration between Exomi and Neusoft Mobile Solutions to create an open sandbox RCS experience for everyone interested in the technology or planning RCS service deployment.

The service is based on our hosted RCS solution with downloadable application clients. This same solution can be rapidly deployed for any MNO environment with or without IMS.

You can use our RCShub client applications with your SIM-card equipped Android or iOS handsets and tablets. After initial registration and authentication via the mobile network, the service can be accessed via Wi-Fi or cellular (GSM, WCDMA, LTE etc) access. The Terms of Service are listed at the bottom of this page, please read them.

Exomi RCS

Exomi provides a comprehensive RCS backend solution for IMS and non-IMS networks, either in your network or hosted from the cloud.

Neusoft Mobile Solutions

Neusoft provides the Silta RCS product family for the most common mobile device platforms and PC/Mac environment.

The Android client works with 2.3.3/4.x or later on phones and tablets with a SIM card. Note: Some older devices may be blacklisted due to stability issues making them unusable for always-on RCS use.

The Apple iPhone/iPad client runs on iOS 6.x and 7.x devices.

Please note that while you may be able to run the client simultaneously on multiple devices using a single MSISDN, this configuration is currently unsupported (multidevice) and may lead to unexpected behaviour. Full support for multidevice access will be available shortly.